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Like many, All through my teens i was interested in music & technology, computers were my hobby & DJing was my passion.
I also raced motorcycles for a while.

I left school and went to college to train in electronics, electrical engineering & computing. I then went to work as an electrical installer, a virtual reality game engineer & after a few years of contracting for employment agencies working for various electronics companies and seemingly getting nowhere decided to go back to what i knew most about “ bikes, computers & presenting. Let’s just say i’m also a bit of a geek when it comes to gadgets & technology.

Never far from a microphone, i did mobile discos, karaoke hosting, nightclub hosting, presenting shows or MCing events & even some live singing for a while.

I have been working in & out of radio over the years with thousands of hours of live radio under my belt on radio stations & RSL’s doing freelance radio presentation & also some behind the scenes production, promotional support or studio engineering.

I’m also quite a dab hand at interviewing celebrities it turns out. 

12th carI’m never been far from a race track, be it racing around on motorbikes, riding bikes, helping behind the scenes at events or just racing RC cars.  I’ve raced RC on a local & national competition level for fun. Still in my traditional racing colours of Blue & Yellow. I also helped the running of a local RC club.

I am also passionate about helping people, I’ve spent years volunteering with several organisations promoting motorcycle road safety & using my passion for bikes to help raise money for charity.

I’m also currently on the Staffordshire motorcycling focus group promoting motorcycle safety, assisting with events & helping with running the websites for the organisation.  You can find more information on what i do at  

As well as this i’m still very keen on technology, computers & retro gaming tech, website creation & SEO being among the things i’m knowledgeable in as well as tinkering with electronics.  I still repair & maintain or build computers often just for fun rather than professionally. As well as this i have been building websites since around the year 2000.  Needless to say, in my house you are never far from a computing device of some sort & often i’m the go to guy in my street & among the family & my friends when it comes to computer problems or general advice. 

You can find out more information on my computing hobby by visiting my tech site blog which is found at which i’ll be updating in the coming months.