The Cars

Cars currently raced

site-buggyAnsmann Mad-Monkey / X2 hybrid.
(1:10th off-road buggy)
This car is a bit of a mish-mash of kits & parts.  The kit started out life as a standard Ansmann Mad-Monkey, added to it were suspension, link-rod parts & other components from the Ansmann X2 kit (pro version of the Mad-Rat) making the car essentially an X2c with a monkey chassis plate fitted. 





LMP12  (13.5)
(1:12th scale on-road Pan car)
Probably the fastest electic on road class of racing class aroud. The cars in this class are based on LeMans endurance cars in body design although underneath it only runs on 3.7v & can hit mind blowing speeds with the right gearing.  The car also runs on foam tyres which give it incredible grip & performance in the corners.





Ansmann Macnum (Stadium Truck) 
1:10th Scale off-road truck
This truck is loosely based on the Ansmann Mad-rat design with longer suspension arms, bigger wheels & a slightly longer chassis.  This particular car is pretty much kit standard however it has been fitted with XT / XSC suspension as opposed to standard as an upgrade.




lcrLC Racing EMB-1 (Micro Buggy)
1:14th Scale off-road buggy
The LC Racing EMB-1 Micro Buggy  is a 1/14-scale 4WD shaft driven buggy packed with exceptional features for competition micro racing.
These are the dimensions of the car
Length: 347mm  Width: 205mm  Height: 110mm
Wheelbase: 185mm



more cars coming soon