Fri. Aug 12th, 2022


Karaoke is definitely something everyone should try at least once in their life. For 3 and a half minutes of fame, you just choose a song that you like and wait for your choice to come up. Microphone in hand, follow the marking of the text on the screen and you can’t go too far wrong – unless you really don’t know the song! You can sing alone or with someone else, or even in a small group if you are really nervous.

In addition to mobile disco I added karaoke hosting to my entertainment roadshow service in the latter half of the 1990’s going under the name of “System 2 Karaoke” (as at the time i was working with another mobile roadshow based in the Stoke on Trent area), which later became (the name i still go under today of) “Wolfie’s Karaoke” when we went our separate ways. Since then I have now accumulated, digitally stored & catalogued around 70,000 karaoke tracks – many of which are duplicated across a variety of the leading labels as many experienced karaoke singers prefer a particular choice.

Karaoke bars have become very popular in many countries around the world. Nonetheless, the mention of going to one often elicits groans and moans from those involved. Still, once there and with microphone in hand, those who complained the loudest are often the hardest to stop!

Karaoke equipment may look like normal home entertainment equipment but this is where the similarity ends. Most pro karaoke equipment is engineered specifically for the professional sound & uses highly advanced digital technology to enhance the audio & create special vocal effects for singing. Utilising echo & reverb as well as key changers to manipulate the songs to better suit your singing voice if you want a song key change or perhaps a bit more echo, just ask before you start performing.

Your karaoke night will start with music to allow the guests time to decide what songs they would like to sing, they must fill out a provided request slip and bring it to the KJ/DJ. The KJ/DJ then sets up for the guest to sing. After the singer is finished, we work in a rotation until we get to your next song if you have selected more than one choice.

Don’t just have a party… have a karaoke party

PLEASE NOTE: We tailor our karaoke show away from the lower end of the market, reasons being that some karaoke shows operating in venue’s are being run by unprofessional karaoke presenters using inferior or badly configured equipment – we are not one of them, if you want to a professional show, hire a professional.. contact us.

Sound good? Drop me a line & see what i can do for you. For roadshow bookings, contact us