Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Mobile Disco

It has been quoted many times, a good DJ is the one thing that can make or break your night. So why do many people still hire the cheapest option or the first person you find with a microphone & some speakers over a professional show with a professional sound?

Although i do a lot less mobile disco & karaoke roadshows than i used to as radio has simply become a bigger part of my life, i am still willing to go out on the road if requested for public & private functions throughout the Stoke on Trent area or surrounding parts & i’ve even kept my music database bang up to date. If you have heard me on the radio you will already have an idea of what i can do, If you are looking for a professional DJ with a wealth of experience for a party, a celebration, a reception or for just a night out, read on.

I have been entertaining the public doing mobile disco’s off & on since 1986 starting out as “The Electronic Sound disco roadshow” which later became “Electro Entertainments” as we went head on into the 21st century & my experience stems over various aspects of the music & entertainment industry including Mobile DJ work, Nightclub DJing, resident DJ work, mobile & resident karaoke presenting.

Our disco strapline is “Entering the next level” because I always try to go to better than the time before.

My music catalogue has been carefully selected & comprises (as i write this) around 39,000 tracks from across the genres & from across the decades featuring as a bare minimum the top 100 singles from every year since the charts began, all now using 21st century digital playout technology. All our Playout equipment & audio hardware has been chosen so that we can provide a complete professional entertainment service

Please note – We don’t play for ourselves, we play for you. We will judge what we play, plus how we play it simply by the crowds reaction & by what is happening on the dance floor – this is the professional way.
Party planners – Prepare things, choose a schedule or timetable… but plan your event wisely.  But, please consider if you are thinking of having a party that there will not just be you there but others as well, so we have to play a good variety of music styles to suit the crowd that are there on the night as a whole.

Sound good? Drop me a line & see what i can do for you. For roadshow bookings, contact us.