RC racing

Radio control cars may seem like toys, but unlike the RC models you may buy from department stores & high street retailers which are toy grade,  Hobby Grade RC / Racing RC vehicles can be as sophisticated to set-up, design, maintain & control as Formula 1 cars, with scale speeds well in excess of 400mph easily achieved by the faster class cars being driven by the top drivers.

Races are usually timed to 5 minutes with timed qualifiers & a series of Finals to determine the overall results for each race meeting, however sometimes there are different types of event such as 24 hour endurance races.

I started racing motorcycles in my youth but now probably a little to old to race motorcycles so in 2004 started to get the itch for RC after doing it as a hobby in my teens & needed to feel the adrenaline from competition again so I got back into the racing by racing RC cars & built a new race car & entered it into some club races, before buying a few more specialist cars & going into racing as much as finances would allow at national, local club & also regional level racing primarily in 1:10th scale on road & off road, 1;12th scale LMP in the electric classes.

Below are a couple of videos of me in action