Fri. Aug 12th, 2022


I’m guessing you want to know about my tech skills, hence why you are here.

So, you may think i’m just an entertainer?.  i can tell you I’ve also got City & Guilds qualifications in Electronic servicing, electrical installation & also Information Technology.  You can already see some of my IT skills as this website was created by my own fair hands.  Yes i’m a bit of a geek when it comes to technology & gadgets.  Although my professional trade is in the video games & computing industry as a diagnostics & repair engineer, i also have knowledge of sound & visual equipment doing panel wiring & fitting including installations.  The technical knowledge also comes in handy for doing some of my own repairs to my entertainment equipment.

From an early age i used to build robotics kits which is probably why as I reached adulthood i went across to building RC cars, i am also into motorsports so the 2 interests kind of came together.  I also taught myself how to build PCs & maintain computers – going right through the 8 bit era to the present day. – as well as learning some basic programming & coding skills.  I went to college to become qualified in electronic servicing, electrical installation & Information Technology, then left college to work in the leisure industry as a virtual reality game engineer with also some electrical installation work required as well as doing some repairs to arcade game machines & fruit machines.  After this i went to work doing some TV repairs, installs & retuning before joining an employment agency where i held a variety of jobs doing everything from PCB building, diagnostics of faults on circuit boards, building PCs, panel wiring, making wiring harnesses, dropping software & hardware updates & repairs into laptops that are under warranty, mobile phone repairs etc, but to be honest the agency work was good but not something i would like to make a career out of i.e going to work each morning not knowing if you were still needed when you get there, hence why i opted to stick with entertainment & do the technical stuff & tinkering about more as a hobby..  In 2019 i added to my skill list further when I qualified for my Ham radio license.

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